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Review: Empty Streets' New EP, Age of Regret, Available Now
Darkwave act Empty Streets' newest EP, Age of Regret, is finally out! The album uses darkly poignant lyrics to make a splash in the industry Here's what we think of the album release! A glamour shot of Aaron Thompson (also known as Small Hands), the mastermind behind Empty Streets, whose new EP, Age of Regret, is now available[...]
Review: Famous Underground's Newest EP Is Heavy And Poignant
Famous Underground's latest EP, In My Reflection, recently came out, and we have gotten a chance to give it a listen for review purposes Led by former Slik Toxik vocalist Nick Walsh and bassist Laurie-Anne Greene, the heavy metal band leans "upon a veritable number of classic influences from the world of hard rock and heavy metal," according[...]
Fans of SYFY's Wynonna Earp thought they would be holster-deep in rumors and speculation about the fan-favorite series' fourth season at this point (having processed early on that they weren't getting a new season in 2019) Well, they definitely have – but for all the wrong reasons Though the fourth season pick-up was announced in July 2018,[...]