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Giveaway: Eternal Return
Kakao Games has given us a set of codes for their free-to-play game Eternal Return for you to grab as part of their 1.0 launch on Steam We have 1,000 codes, completely free for you to snag, that you can use in the game These codes provide a number of free items for your account,[...]
Eternal Return Will Fully Release In July With Proper Reset
Kakao Games and developer Nimble Neuron confirmed this week that they will be releasing version 1.0 of Eternal Return in July The team confirmed the full version of the game will be released on July 20th, but the version of the game players will be getting is one that has been rebuilt from the ground[...]
Eternal Return Holds A Slumber Party For Season 8
Kakao Games has released a new update for Eternal Return that brings with it Season 8, as players get to have a Slumber Party The primary addition to all of this is the Battle Zone, which will give all players a plethora of special areas where you can explore different ways to explore and fight[...]
Giveaway: Collect A Character & Skin Bundle For Eternal Return
Would you like to snag a special Character & Skin Bundle for the game Eternal Return? We have a ton of codes to give out for a special occasion Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron have added a brand new 4v4 mode to the game which they're calling Cobalt Protocol, where two teams of four players[...]
Gen.G & Developer Nimble Neuron Launch New Partnership
The main goal of the partnership is to help with the global market expansion of Nimble's new multiplayer online survival arena title, Eternal Return The partnership will officially start at GDC 2022 on March 23rd as those in attendance can experience a projection-mapped Tree of Life, some new Eternal Return-themed beverages, and music from Bay[...]
Eternal Return Finds A New Publisher In Kakao Games
Developer Nimble Neuron has found a publisher for Eternal Return as Kakao Games will be the ones to release it on Xbox consoles The game was originally self-published by the indie developer back in 2020 for PC, and has been doing alright for itself on Steam But for console, it looks like they're going with[...]