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Top and Bottom 5 Comics of June 20th, 2018: Spider-Man Genuinely Goes Down Swinging
Captain America #704 The worm turned again for Captain America this week, as the comic put forth a wrongheaded story about being afraid of literal aliens coming to steal away your freedom while unleashing chemical warfare against said aliens. Ether Copper Golems #2 cover by David Rubin 2 Ether Copper Golems #2 Ether Copper Golems disappointed me greatly[...]
Ether Copper Golems #2 cover by David Rubin
Plus, Agrippa's lair lies within a volcano. Ether Copper Golems #2 cover by David Rubin Ether Copper Golems #2 is a downgrade from the opening issue Where the first comic was a relatable tale of a man who lost his family to his passion, this issue drops all painful subtext for a strange and anarchic romp across[...]
Top and Bottom 5 Comics, Week of May 16th, 2018: Superman Special Brings it Home
Ether Copper Golems #1 Another series starting off this week from the talented Matt Kindt and David Rubin, Ether Copper Golems brings back the sci-fi/fantasy series with Boone returning to Ether and the complex emotions therein I won't dissect it here, but this is a really good character piece in addition to being a hell of a lot of fun. Losers Three Stooges[...]