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Everything Wrong With X-Men: Apocalypse
Which is a little strange as I usually like to make up my own mind about film. Now we have Cinema Sins doing there Everything Wrong With… treatment and it's a twenty minute video That's a lot of sins Now I'm even more hesitant to make the time when I have Tarzan, Batman: Return of the[...]
With Inferno Coming – Everything Wrong With The Da Vinci Code
Everything Wrong With… takes 15 minutes to go through the Da Vinci Code a pretty good book that got made famous more by the folks telling you not to read it than by the actual story Overall I liked the film and will go see Inferno… but there is a certain amount of suspension of[...]
Finding The Sins In The BvS Ultimate Editions
The folks at Cinema Sins have circled back around to do an Everything Wrong With… pass over the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Their first go round with the theatrical cut produced 174 sins… here they are just looking at the additional footage and it still takes 13 minutes And if you[...]
Everything Wrong With Batman: The Killing Joke
But these guys seemed to have problems with a lot more than just what happened between Batman and Batgirl. https://youtu.be/pyk7UWupEHkVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Everything Wrong With Batman: The Killing Joke (https://youtu.be/pyk7UWupEHk) Cinema Sins has turned their attention to the recently released Batman: The Killing Joke[...]
Everything Wrong With Zootopia
I haven't yet seen the film, but this Everything Wrong With… has made me want to now. [youtube]https://youtu.be/YvWjgp5c70A[/youtube] Cinema Sins is at it again, this time taking their hyper-critical approach to the film Zootopia Interestingly enough most of the joke focus on the character of Jenny Hopps and leaves Nick Wilde mostly unscathed[...]
Everything Wrong With Alien
Cinema Sins must be on a classic movies from the seventies kick as they just recently did Jaws and now they are showing us Everything Wrong With… the 1979 science fiction / horror classic Alien This early Ridley Scott film starred Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt and John Hurt and introduced the world to the Xenomorphs,[...]
Everything Wrong With… Jaws
The Steven Spielberg directed film from the 70's does better than any other film I've seen get the Everything Wrong With… treatment, garnering only 50 sins and those were pretty nit-picky Watching this makes me want to pull out the movie and give it another viewing. [youtube]https://youtu.be/qpRysNtkux8[/youtube] The CInema Sins folks have gone after a summer[...]
Everything Wrong With The Watchmen
With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice two weeks away, Cinema Sins had decided to do their Everything Wrong With… magic on another Zack Snyder / DC film property, The Watchmen This adaptation of the classic Alan Moore / Dave Gibbons series received mixed reviews when it debuted and its extremely dark tone made Man[...]
Everything Wrong With Superman II
With the upcoming released of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the folks over at CinemaSins have done up a new Everything Wrong With… focused on Superman II This is the theatrically released Richard Lester version of the film, not the Richard Donner cut. [youtube]https://youtu.be/AsHlGUxfyiU[/youtube] With the upcoming released of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[...]
Everything Wrong With Olympus Has Fallen
With the upcoming release of London Has Fallen, the folks over at CinemaSins have put together Everything Wrong with Olympus Has Fallen The Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart film came out in 2013 and surprised a lot of folks by getting a sequel The film was at best a Die-Hard clone without the charm of[...]
Everything Wrong With Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
The folks at Cinema Sins have done up a new Everything Wrong With for the most recent Tom Cruise movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation In the notes they refer to it as one of the most enjoyable movies of 2015 If it wasn't for these guys I would have missed the story of the two[...]
Everything Wrong With Furious 7… This Is Going To Take A While
Cinema Sins takes on what might be their biggest challenge yet… Everything Wrong With Furious 7 This one is so filled with sins that their normal routine of including the minutes in the title is replaced with "so many minutes" This Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and The Rock may break the sin counter. [youtube]https://youtu.be/0TaEznVOHG8[/youtube] [...]
Everything Wrong With Ant-Man Is 19 Minutes Long
It seems almost ironic that the Everything Wrong With video for Ant-Man is a giant-sized 19 minutes long But they find quite a few plot holes and mistakes to cover in the film and seem to have a slight bias about Edgar Wright leaving the film Perhaps the Cinema Sins folks had an extra ax[...]
Everything Wrong With The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Cinema Sins has done the Everything Wrong With… treatment to Avengers: Age of Ultron It seems that if Hawkeye ever leaves the Avengers he might have a chance at a job commentating on the sins in movies. [youtube]https://youtu.be/Z7AYpTO08zo[/youtube] Cinema Sins has done the Everything Wrong With… treatment to Avengers: Age of Ultron[...]
Everything Wrong With Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Debuting this weekend is their Everything Wrong With take on the second Nicholas Cage turn as Johnny Blaze… Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance I never quite understood how you can have a movie with both Idris Elba and Ciaran Hind in it and it still be bad. [youtube]https://youtu.be/LpqS-aQ7lgM[/youtube] [...]
Everything Wrong With The Batman V Superman Trailer
When Warner Bros released the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer on-line, the folks at Cinema Sins got to work and now we have an Everything Wrong With video And what might be the best reference in the whole video is them pointing out how much it looks like the Batman suit is made[...]
Everything Wrong With Terminator Salvation… Is 19 Minutes Long
With the new Terminator Genisys movie hitting theaters, it makes sense that Cinema Sins would do the Everything Wrong With… treatment on Terminator Salvation But the fact that they got 19 minutes of material out of it seems to say that there was a LOT wrong with Terminator Salvation and that could be why most[...]
Over 14 Minutes Of Sins In Everything Wrong With Monsters Inc
In honor of the upcoming release of Pixar's new film Inside Out, the folks at Cinema Sins have gone back to the 2001 animated classic Monsters Inc for the latest Everything Wrong With… This is the first film to start with a negative amount of sins, but the proceeded  to fill up 14 minutes worth[...]
Everything Wrong With Goldfinger…
Though the movie came out over 50 years ago, Cinemasins has decided to do their Everything Wrong With… magic on one of the best James Bond films ever, Goldfinger Which seems appropriate with the 24th Bond film being shot right now Though the debate on who is the best James Bond will probably wage on[...]
Everything Wrong With Maleficent
Cinema Sins has done their thing with the latest Disney film adapting themselves from animation to live-action, Maleficent. It takes them 13 minutes to
Everything Wrong With Godzilla…
The folks over at Cinema Sins have worked their magic on the latest Godzilla film and the sin tally if huge in Everything Wrong With Godzilla (2014) It does seem strange that the two main reasons to see this film… Godzilla and Bryan Cranston… don't get enough screen time. [youtube]http://youtu.be/p69Hfx7rUh0[/youtube] [...]