F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Last Tycoon

Amazon Continues Cost Cutting By Cancelling The Last Tycoon

Amazon continues its shift to series with more global appeal by pulling the plug on The Last Tycoon. The Matt Bomer-led drama was based on the F. Scott Fitgerald novel and told the story of Monroe Stahr during the glory days of Hollywood. The series also stars Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Lily Collins (The Blind Side) and […]

Daniel Cooney Creates 1920s Simmering Noir In The Tommy Gun Dolls

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Around the country, flapper gals and dapper fellows crowded into the smoke filled speakeasies serving illegal alcohol to tantalizing jazz tunes that came to represent the Roaring 20s. Mobsters, murder, and mayhem permeated the modern landscape of American cities during era that could be described as the […]