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Famous Faces and Funnies of Florida Goes Full On Facebook Live Auctions

Famous Faces and Funnies of Florida Full On Facebook Live Auctions

Our friends at comic store Famous Faces And Funnies of Florida are running two twelve-hour Facebook Live selling auctions this weekend from noon to midnight EST each day Yes, they are doing it alphabetically again Well, if schools are not in session, it's good to know your ABCs.They offer $8 flat rate shipping across the[...]

[Oscars 2018] Bleeding Cool's Guide to Our Awards Coverage

ET: Live’s After Oscar Show will have co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest offering some post-awards analysis.Bleeding CoolWe'll be making sure you get a genuine "geek's perspective" on the proceedings in two very cool ways: we'll be live-tweeting (@bleedingcooltv) the red carpet and awards show insanity over on the website (Bleeding Cool); and also offering[...]


The Weekly Static s01e22: Sabrina, Constantine, Vampires, and More!

Both shows will simulcast the first segment of their live episodes via Facebook Live The hosts intend to use the moment to offer instant analysis and commentary on the event..." *With buckets of honor and respect flowing through the Karma-sphere to the mighty "Fighters of Foo."Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm hanging on[...]

Blizzard To Air Heroes Of The Dorm 2017 On Facebook Live

Blizzard has announced that their eSports event Heroes of the Dorm 2017 will be streamed exclusively on Facebook Live  The tournament once again offers Heroes of the Storm teams from colleges across the US and Canada a chance to earn free tuition for the remainder of their college careers—more than $500,000 in scholarships and prizes will be[...]