The Walking Dead Family Mourns the Passing of Superfan Lisa Williams

Being a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead, you learn pretty early on that losing people is part of the price you pay for being a part of the shows eight-plus seasons — and still, it's never easy. But when we lose a member of our TWD "fan family," that loss cuts wider and deeper […]

Late To The 'Star Wars' Party: Gatekeeping In Nerd Culture

A little over a year ago (and the many months beforehand) I was on what I liked to call "the bummer brigade" when it came to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I wasn't excited about the movie at all and I was the one in the back pointing out that trailers can be deceptive and […]

Rumour: Massive New Awards Show For San Diego Comic-Con To Recognise All Fan Culture

The word on the street is that we are about to get a brand-new, very well-funded awards show for San Diego Comic Con. I understand that high level talks are taking place between Jennifer O'Connell, Executive VP of Alternative Programming, Seth Lederman, Executive VP General Manager of the new streaming channel Comic-Con HQ and David […]

The First Two Videos For The New Official DC Fans YouTube Channel

Who is better? Batman or Superman? And the joy of Batman: No Man's Land, Aztek, Dark Knight Returns and Blue Beetle: Shellshocked. These are the first two submitted and approved DC Fan videos to the new official DC Fan channel. And here is the introduction to that channel… They are accepting videos for: DC Cosplay – […]

Peter David Launches The Fan/Pro Bill Of Rights

Comic book conventions and the internet. They have brought down the traditional divide between author and reader. And while for many this is a life-enriching experience, for some it leads to tantrums and tiaras. Flame wars and firings. Beer thrown and bottles broken. Death threats and sexual harassment. And for some, enough is enough. There […]

YouTube Smallville Finale Reaction Not Quite Up To Doctor Who

This is how one fan reacted to the finale of Smallville. The orgasms reach a peak around five minutes in. [youtube][/youtube] "Come on, show it, come on, yes, yes, America the beautiful, home of the brave, yes, yes, yes, America!" I dunno though. I've seen better… and more realistic… [youtube][/youtube]