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Cadaver Dogs Of Winter, From The Fillbach Brothers For Devil's Due/1First Comics
The announcement of new publisher Devil's Due/1First Comics went out this morning and we already told you about its first comic book, Public Relations Well, here is the second…Cadaver: Dogs Of Winter by the Fillbach Brothers, best known for their work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars comics.. A comic about hunting, blood and whisky in the[...]
Devil's Due And First Comics Create New Comics Publisher
Deadline reports that Josh Blaylock's Devil's Due Entertainment and Ken Levin's First Comics have merged to form new publisher Devil's Due/1First Comics LLC which they describe as "the first mini-major comics publishing company of its size emphasizing creator-owned work since the establishment of Image in 1991" though I think certain publisher like Oni Press might wish[...]
The Scribbler Graphic Novel By Dan Schaffer For A More Reasonable Price
Dan Schaffer's The Scribbler graphic novel is available on Amazon from $539 to $1320. It might help that an indie superhero movie adaptation had a limited release earlier this year, written by Schaffer, and produced by Ken Levin and Gabe Cowan. Which might also be why a new printing of graphic novel with added photo stills from the film[...]