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Storytime with John Stamos | Disney

John Stamos Reads Disney Storybook "A Kiss Goodnight"

John Stamos is a huge Disney fan like a lot of us. He owns an extensive Disney memorabilia collection, posts constantly from the parks on social media (usually from Disneyland in California), and he has starred in a bunch of Disney-related specials on tv and online. On their YouTube page right now, they are hosting […]

Floyd Norman

Floyd Norman: The First African American Animator at Disney

Floyd Norman has been a huge influence on the lives of Disney lovers, even if they don't know it. Born on June 22nd, 1935, he had an idyllic childhood in Santa Barbara, California. "I didn't know it at the time, but my experience as a child was probably a good deal different from many, many people," […]

Some Intriguing Monsters Inc. 2 Updates – Who's Back, Who Isn't

Disney veteran Floyd Norman has dropped a few teasing tweets about Monsters Inc. 2, and while they don't exactly blow the bloody doors off of Pixar's Vault of Secrecy, they're more than a little intriguing. It started on 25 March, with this: Don't be afraid. Pixar screens "Monsters2" at Disney this morning. Don't ask. I […]

Next Toy Story Film From Pixar Is A Ken And Barbie Story

We already knew that the Toy Story story is over but not really over. While chapter 3 appears to have closed the book quite conclusively on the the feature film franchise, a series of spin-off shorts have been announced for the next few years. The first of these, it has been confirmed, will be attached to […]