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Talking To Andy Olsen – The Original Creator Of Marvel's Wolverine?
A couple of weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article looking at an entry to Marvel's FOOM Magazine's create-a-superhero contest, the results of which ran in 1973 One of the runners up was Andy Olsen and his creation "The Wolverine". Six months later, Incredible Hulk #180 with the first appearance of Wolverine, was published by Marvel[...]
FOOM #2 – The First Appearance Of Wolverine, In 1973?
FOOM, or Friends Of Ol' Marvel was a fanzine about Marvel actually produced by Marvel Comics, as if it were something from the small press. Published in the seventies, and initially designed and edited by Jim Steranko (he drew the second issue cover above), it was intended to represent a fan voice for Marvel – but[...]