Foot Clan

BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE Funko McFarlane DC and More

BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!

This wave includes Shredder, Splinter, and two variations of the Foot Clan The Terminator and Sarah Conner figures from the latest film are everywhere, along with Shin Godzilla![gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1162869,1162870"]A new line of Pixar toys can be found at both Walmart and Target.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1162860,1162859,1162857,1162856,1162853"]A new line of Joker Pranks toys can be[...]

TMNT NECA Reveals: New Two-Packs 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA Reveals: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

Leatherhead/Slash, April/Bashed Foot Clan Soldier, and Casey Jones/Sliced Foot Clan Soldier will make up that third wave These TMNT sets are loaded with accessories, including more not yet revealed in the photos below.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1143833,1143832,1143831"]The official line up for the Target Exclusive TMNT Series 3 Cartoon 2 Packs Available this Spring[...]

NECAs TMNT 1990 1/4 Scale Shredder Fully Revealed

NECA's TMNT 1990 1/4 Scale Shredder Fully Revealed

Their biggest enemy? The Shredder, ruthless leader of the Foot Clan, a criminal organization that’s terrorizing the city.This highly-detailed action figure stands 18” tall and features 30 points of articulation, including double elbows, to showcase Shredder’s steely skills Shredder comes with a removable soft goods cape, removable mask, spear, and knife with sheath.[gallery columns="2" size="full"[...]

Pixels In A Half Shell: We Review Pixel Pals TMNT Line

Pixels In A Half Shell: We Review Pixel Pals' TMNT Line

Before we hit Thanksgiving weekend, we got a bunch of awesome new Pixel Pals figures int he mail. Our first batch features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, which at the moment is made up of Leonardo, Raphael, Shredder, and a Foot Soldier. As per the usual Pixel Pals design, all of them operate on […]