DC Comics Names the Batman: Damned Format Prestige Plus

DC Comics Names the Batman: Damned Format, "Prestige Plus"

It's a new name for DC Comics' periodical format with square binding and card stock covers that measure approximately 8.5" by 10.875" Periodicals that fit the Prestige Plus format would include the first such volume, Batman Damned, as well as the more recent Superman Year One, Joker: Killer Smile and Joker/ Harley: Criminal Sanity The[...]

Conan OBrien Marks TBS Return with Tom Hanks New Format

Conan O'Brien Marks TBS Return with Tom Hanks, New Format

Not "back" in the same old, same old way--but with a revitalized Conan that's now a trim half-hour package--and he's bringing in some serious "A List" heavy hitters for his return on Tuesday, January 22nd.O'Brien kicks off his new show format on Tuesday, January 22, with long-standing-supporter-of-the-program Tom Hanks serving as his featured guest Fans[...]