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Warren Ellis & Paul Duffield's FreakAngels Get Crunchyroll Release Date Of 27th Januaru
Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's FreakAngels was published as a digital-first comic book by Avatar Press, the publishers of Bleeding Cool, back in 2008 A John Wyndham-esque post-apocalyptic tale about telepaths living together in a ruined London, it was picked up to be turned into an anime series by streaming service, Crunchyroll. Today, Crunchyroll revealed the[...]
Fairy Fails – Paul Duffield's Comic For Children In An Adult Industry
If you've got no idea who I am, check out Freakangels and The Firelight Isle (How did I do?) For the past three years, I've been working in various different capacities for a children's comic called The Phoenix It's a remarkable thing – a home-grown weekly magazine that publishes pure comics content from some of the[...]
Now Is The Time To Preorder Warren Ellis' Complete Freakangels In Print Form
Still. But if you, like me, would prefer to have all of  Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's Freakangels in print, in a box set and on your shelf, then now is the time Amazon have dropped the price from $100 to $58, ahead of it's sale date in November. Twenty-three years ago, twelve strange children were born[...]
Lady Death is Cursed – A Sneak Peak At Her April Goodies
Guh… Lady Death #16 Regular Edition (Cover by Matt Martin) Death Queen's army of misshapen zombies may bring an end to Lady Death's fractured rebellion. Lady Death #16 Sultry Edition (Cover by Matt Martin) The classic Lady Death look. Lady Death #16 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Paul Duffield) The beloved artist of Freakangels presents a quiet moment in the chaotic, bloody[...]
The Final Edition Of Freakangels
It's been three and-a-half years. Today Avatar published the final chapter of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's Freakangels, the long running webcomic set in a John Wyndhamian future where a world has been flooded due to some naughty telepaths, now trying to create a world worth living in. It was slice of life, it was a detective[...]
Paul Duffield's Orbital Exhibition
From his webcomic with Warren Ellis, Freakangels, his own self published comic Signal and more. Definitely worth a visit if you're around… At Orbital Comics, just off Leicester Square in London, Paul Duffield has an exhibition of original art From his webcomic with Warren Ellis, Freakangels, his own self published comic Signal and more. Definitely worth[...]
Avatar Plug Of The New York Comic Con 2010
850), Crossed Family Values #4 NYCC Exclusive Cover (Jacen Burrows, 850), Crossed Family Values #4 NYCC VIP Exclusive Cover (Jacen Burrows, 350), two Lady Death limited prints and five Freakangels limited prints (phew). Avatar people attending the show will be Mike Wolfer, Jacen Burrows, William Christensen,[...]