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In One Week In Two Weeks &#8211 Time To Get Furious

In One Week, In Two Weeks – Time To Get Furious

This Wednesday brings us the launch of Furious and a new Serenity, more Miracleman, the return of Knights Of Pendragon And the week after, the launch of Jokers Daughter, Wolverine, Punisher and Ms Marvel.So.. what are you buying?DARK HORSE COMICSCONAN PEOPLE O/T BLACK CIRCLE #4 $3.50FURIOUS #1 $3.99GANTZ TP VOL 30 (MR) $13.99NEVER ENDING #3 (MR) $3.99SERENITY LEAVES ON[...]

Mice Templars Bryan JL Glass And Victor Santos Bring Furious To Dark Horse Comics

Mice Templar's Bryan JL Glass And Victor Santos Bring Furious To Dark Horse Comics

Bryan JL Glass and Victor Santos are launching Furious, a creator owned superhero comic, from Dark Horse Comics.Announced for Baltimore Comic Con, Bryan describes his lead as; Furious, the character, is driven by the same outrage and anger we all feel toward injustice, but as a superheroine she realizes she actually has the power to do[...]