“One Punch Man” Genos Brings His A Game with ThreeZero

"One Punch Man" Genos Brings His A Game with Threezero

However, we got to see our favorite characters Saitama and Genos return to this action packed anime Threezero is showing some love to the apprentice with their newest 1/6th scale articulated figure His clothes are fabric and with the deluxe, you get two outfits to pose with He even comes with two pairs of interchangeable[...]

“One Punch Man” Genos Is Here From Good Smile Company

"One Punch Man" Genos Is Here From Good Smile Company

This time is friend Genos is taking the lead as he is their net statue debut If you did not know Good Smile Company has created a series of statues are packed with detail and tagged with Avery affordable price This is their way to seemingly get nice collectibles to every collector out there Saitama[...]

'One-Punch Man' Season 2: Does Saitama Have a "Batman" Problem? [TRAILER]

Genos?Well, if battles are judged by the amount of destruction done to the city then this one is going to be righteously epic An interesting takeaway from the trailer? How Saitama is having the old Batman/Gotham City debate applied to him: is Saitama the city's pretector from the monsters looking to destroy it..[...]

One Punch Man Funko Pops Fight Their Way To You In August

From the Funko blog: Could a hero be too strong?The anime series One-Punch Man is now joining the Funko family.The extremely powerful superhero Saitama, the blonde cyborg Genos, and the leader of the Dark Matter Pirates Lord Boros are all receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment. [gallery size="medium" ids="663293,663287,663291"]So the first wave will be three figures in total[...]