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Geoffrey Rush Plays Albert Einstein Playing Lady Gaga… Wait, What?

The National Geographic channel has released their Super Bowl ad for their upcoming series Genius that stars Geoffrey Rush as the great Albert Einstein In the commercial, Einstein picks up his violin and plays a familiar tune The series, a biopic of one of the greatest minds in history, stars Rush, Emily Watson and Johnny[...]

The Journey Begins In New Gods of Egypt Trailer

Geoffrey Rush narrates that Egypt has always been a paradise in the new trailer for Lionsgate's upcoming Gods of Egypt That paradise also looks like a bananas fantasyland of giant snakes, winged gods and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doing his Dirk Daring hero business.[youtube][/youtube] Brenton Thwaites also stars as the mortal caught in the struggle to defend Egypt[...]

Casting Roundup: Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, Jason Segal And More

On the plus side, Geoffrey Rush has also joined the cast to play the god Ra [Deadline / THR]• Another wannabe teenage heartthrob steps up to the plate as Australian actor Harrison Gilbertson joins Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin in Young Adult novel adaptation Fallen, playing - who else? - the third leg of the[...]

A New Green Lantern Trailer Focuses On The Space Stuff, Tomar-Re Talks

Here comes the first Green Lantern footage to feature a talking Tomar-Re.* This new Green Lantern trailer (an extended TV spot?) throws the spotlight onto the cosmic side of the story quite surely, and has me wondering just how much of the film will be set on Earth, and how much of it was filmed […]

The Green Lantern Character Poster Campaign Begins With Hal Jordan And Tomar-Re

Meet Hal Jordan and Tomar-Re in the first two of several thousand Green Lantern character posters… …unless, of course, they keep it to just the main characters from the movie and don't do the whole corps. These were debuted on the film's Facebook page. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled to see where-on-Earth the next […]

Geoffrey Rush Is Tomar-Re In Green Lantern

Just a few months from release, however, we still had no idea who was going to provide the beaky chap's voice.But now, according to Hero Complex, it's about to be officially announced that Geoffrey Rush is the man for the job.It makes perfect sense to me - Rush has a distinctive and characterful voice, and[...]

New Pirates Pictures – And How Clean A Slate For Chapter 4?

To fill the gap we have instead Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane who, fresh from haranguing Matthew Macfadyen in The Pillars of Earth, is now Penelope's father, none other than that most troublesome of pirates, Blackbeard.So swap Penelope for Keira, switch Ian McShane for Geoffrey Rush (actually you can't because he's signed on again) or[...]

Trailer For The King's Speech, Bigshot Oscar Contender And Popular Vote Winner

After Tom Hooper's The King's Speech played at Toronto, two things happened: it started to gather some solid Oscar buzz and it won the audience award for the best film at the fest. It's a drama, apparently with some light comedic touches, about King George VI's relationship with his speech therapist. Intriguing set up. I've […]