Interview: Nicolas Pesce on Flipping Giallo's Gender Dynamics in 'Piercing'

At Fantastic Fest 2018, Castle of Horror Co-host Tony Salvaggio sat down to discuss director Nicolas Pesce’s new dark genre adaptation of Ryû Murakami’s cat and mouse psycho-thriller Piercing.Pesce shares his ideas on adapting the book, evoking a mood in a minimalistic story and his influences both film and musically to Italian giallo movies.Warning –[...]

Full Trailer For Reinvented Giallo Picture, Berberian Sound Studio

It's full of tropes of the Giallo genre, but seems to have a lot more besides Having Toby Jones as your top line star is a good thing too It hasn't happened often (off the top of my head, I'm only coming up with Infamous) but he's certainly got the chops.This first full trailer for[...]