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Kodansha Announces 4 New Digital Manga Titles for April 2021
these new digital debuts, as well as returning favorites, will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including Bookwalker, ComiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook, and izneo. Kodansha April 2021 key art Girlfriend, Girlfriend By Hiroyuki "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" Vol 1 cover, Courtesy of Kodansha Now an upcoming anime! And also from the same hilarious mangaka as Aho-Girl Naoya just got a girlfriend, the[...]
Is This Miles Morales' New Girlfriend?
It's not exactly "Face It Tiger, You Just Hit The Jackpot"… But in the letters pages of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, after readers asked if Miles Morales was getting a girlfriend, the editor replied that this would be happening very soon. But has she already? It's just a glance or two…  but it seems rather opportune[...]
Friday Runaround – Are You Heavy Metal Material?
For those that don't, it's monsters with babes, robots with babes, babes with babes, good babes, bad babes, get the idea? Open to see cosplay photography as well as artwork submissions. AvengersWatch: As the Avengers film is released in the UK, all the local press jumps in. WaidWatch: Mark Waid gets profiled by his new home town[...]