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Comic Book History Of Gorilla City
It was hinted at in a previous episode of The Flash, but tonight Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Julian Albert are headed to Earth-2 to save Harrison Wells from the super intelligent residents of Gorilla City. Gorilla City is not something knew to the show, it has a long history in the comics starting[...]
The Flash
The Flash returns this week with the first of a two-part episode called Attack on Gorilla City Jesse Quick comes back to Earth-1 to get help to rescue her father Harrison Wells from Gorilla Grodd Executive producer Aaron Helbing explains how all of it leads to the Flash fighting a Gorilla in a gladiatorial match…[...]
Julian Albert Wants To Go To The Planet Of The Apes In Latest Flash Trailer
An extended trailer for Attack on Gorilla City has been released and it shows what may be the first time in the series that Julian Albert is excited about something At the end of last episode Jesse Quick comes through the portal and tells Wally West that Grodd has taken her father, Harrison Wells, and[...]
Two-Part Gorilla City Episodes Of The Flash Will Be Epic Scale
Might they mean Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond who was last seen falling into the portal for Earth-2 at the end of season 1? No answer on that, but executive producer Aaron Helbing told EW.com: The team will go to Gorilla City We'll see where Grodd was sent We'll see his standing amongst the other gorillas[...]