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Jason Aaron's Original Thor Pitch For Gorr, But Didn't Like The Name
Jason Aaron, writer of many of the Thor comic books that this movie is based on has been sharing his original pitch for his run on Thor, including the origins of a character called Gorr Though he would obviously be getting a better name than that You can read the whole pitch here. Young Thor encounters[...]
Christian Bale Playing Gorr In Thor: Love & Thunder
Announced today during the Disney Investors Day presentation by our lord and master Kevin Feige, Christian Bale has been confirmed to be playing Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love & Thunder Bale will bring his intensity and brutality to the character first introduced in Thor: God of Thunder #2 by Jason Aaron and Esad[...]
Marvel Legacy The Mighty Thor #700 Review: Thunder Through The Ages
Meanwhile, Thor finds herself locked in tense combat with Jen Walters, the She-Hulk In Asgardia, the immortals struggle to keep Volstagg contained when the Ultimate Mjolnir lands once more within his reach. Loki and Laufey have just finished a victory against the mountain giants. We are given a glimpse into a future where King Thor rules Midgard, and[...]