Marvel Legacy The Mighty Thor #700 Review: Thunder Through The Ages

The Odinson visits the Norns who have been recently attacked by Ulik and his army of trolls. They warn the Odinson of coming attacks in time for Maliketh to send a massive army of various races to sac the World Tree. Meanwhile, Thor finds herself locked in tense combat with Jen Walters, the She-Hulk

In Asgardia, the immortals struggle to keep Volstagg contained when the Ultimate Mjolnir lands once more within his reach.

Loki and Laufey have just finished a victory against the mountain giants.

We are given a glimpse into a future where King Thor rules Midgard, and a Galactus possessed by the All-Black the Necrosword, the weapon of Gorr the God-Butcher, continues a rampage across the cosmos.

In the midst of all this, Throg, the Frog of Thunder, wages his war against the rats and spots the battle between Thor and She-Hulk.

The Mighty Thor #700 full cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Mighty Thor #700 full cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

Needless to say, there is a lot of plot in this extra-sized issue of Mighty Thor. We get to see the exploits of both Thor and the Odinson as well as much of the adventures of the Asgardians at large.

I do wish this issue featured Beta Ray Bill though.

In any case, this was a fun and compelling read. It foreshadows much of the future of Mjolnir and its weiders, it presents interesting plots that will continue to unfold in the coming issues and advance themselves in the interim.

I am saddened by the potential coming end of Jane Foster as the Goddess of Thunder. While I do enjoy the Odinson, Jane's tenure as Thor has been compelling. She is a good Thor, and I'd like there for to be some balance wherein we can have both Thors.

The current state of the once-jolly Volstagg is quite heartbreaking. He has been corrupted and confused by the Ultimate Mjolnir, and his fall from grace has been quite sad.

Toothgnasher and the Hel Hound are awesome, by the way.

The Mighty Thor #700 art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Mighty Thor #700 art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

The murderers row of artist on tap are mostly quite good. While I usual dislike this kind of mass of artists in a single book, I do find it appropriate for a big celebration of a character like this. Russel Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, and Daniel Acuna particularly bring their A-game, and it's quite cool seeing Walter Simonson brought in, even for a single page.

Jason Aaron puts on quite the show for this celebration of Mighty Thor, and it has me interested in the future exploits of Thor, whosever it may be. The promised returns look cool, and the potential changes in the future for Thor should be awesome. The price is steep, but I'd say it's worth it. Give it a read.

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