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Calling it an "an epic announcement that's sure to send shockwaves around the globe," Archie announced that they're partnering with Graphic India to make a movie based on Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Moose, and the rest of the crew. The press release calls the project "the first international comic to be translated for Indian screens,"[...]
Grant Morrison, The Rockstar Of Comics At SDCC
By Mike Sangregorio Thursday morning welcomed a representative from company Graphic India and creator Grant Morrison to a follow-up from their panel last year regarding the status of Morrison's Indian superhero work and the company's ongoing support of international charities Graphic India's mission is described as wanting to tap into the mythic storytelling tradition of India[...]
SDCC '15: Grant Morrison & Graphic India: Myth, Magic, and Monsters
by Mike Sangregorio Grant Morrison began the Convention properly Thursday morning with a presentation featuring two of his new titles as well as a partnership with Graphic India, a publishing company focused on bringing the classic myths of India, and Eastern storytelling practices in general, to Western audiences. Sharad Devarajan, one of Graphic India's co-founders, moderated the[...]
Grant Morrison Announces The Launch Of His "18 Days" Saga As Motion Comics Serial
[youtube][/youtube] By Eric Rezsnyak In his only panel appearance at SDCC 2013, legendary writer Grant Morrison discussed his new video-comic project, "18 Days" Friday afternoon, and gave insight into his creative process, his views on an increasingly connected world, and why super-heroes no longer make sense in a Western civilization arguably in decline. Morrison has been talking about the[...]