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Come and See: This Russian War Movie Birthed 1917 and Children of Men
In Klimov's hands, shooting uninterrupted master shots was not about artistic showing off but marrying technique with a storytelling choice: to keep watching, to bear witness to the horrors of war unflinchingly. Come and See's Long Influence When I saw Children of Men and, more recently, 1917, both hyped for their virtuoso uninterrupted master shots; I thought,[...]
“Ad Astra” is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]
Sandra Bullock in Gravity has a dead daughter in her background Ryan Gosling in First Man plays Neil Armstrong as a man mourning his dead daughter and compartmentalizing his possible death in space. If we're in a bad timeline, Astronaut movies seem to reflect our anxiety and sense of doom Even The Martian, the most fun[...]
Superman To The Rescue In Gravity "Alternate Take"
If only Superman had been around, the movie Gravity basically wouldn't have even existed. Fun little viral video making its way around the interwebs today I think most people think it's a belated April Fool's joke, but it's clever enough to share on its own and beyond that silly "holiday." [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Watch Jonas Cuaron's Seven Minute Gravity Spin-Off Short Film, Aningaaq
There might be slight spoilers for Alfonso Guaron's Gravity contained here, but I think they're minor Still, to be safe, you may want to bookmark this post for after you've seen it. At one point in the film, Sandra Bullock's adrift astronaut, Ryan Stone, makes contact with someone on earth Instead of NASA though, it turns[...]
Gravity — The Bleeding Cool Review
I'm currently praying that the upcoming Freddie Mercury and Elton John biopics both have Sam popping up at the end to say "Hi, I'm Billy Ocean and I'm here to talk to you about the Variety Club of Great Britain Initiative." But I'm willing to gamble that Gravity will be on everyone's 'best film of the[...]
The Weight of Gravity: Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes; Warning: minor spoilers. If there's one movie that everyone should see this year, it's Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. It's not just a thrill ride, a good piece of Science Fiction and a suspense thriller with an existential edge, it also pushes Cinema towards the next step in its evolution There's a lot of talk about the[...]
Gravity Photos, Posters And A New UK Release Date
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While down at SDCC, Brendon and I were lucky enough to be in Hall H when Alfonso Cuaron came on stage to introduce an extended clip for Gravity We have only just now taken our jaws up off the floor. This is a movie that I've known about for a few[...]