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Christoph Waltz makes a deal in Most Dangerous Game, courtesy of Quibi.
John Woo's Hard Target did that with Jean-Claude Van Damme Even the recent Blumhouse movie The Hunt uses that premise for political commentary and satire. Liam Hemsworth and Christophe Waltz enter into a deadly deal in Most Dangerous Game, courtesy of Quibi. Quibi's version is an update of the original to 2020 set in Detroit It's written[...]
Another Look At The Last Stand – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
The Last Stand feels like a throwback to the way Asian directors made B action thrillers as Hollywood calling cards back in the 1990s: John Woo with Hard Target, Tsui Hark with Double Team, Ringo Lam with Maximum Risk (all of which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme) and so on. The Last Stand is less ambitious than[...]