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Harmony Gold's Copyright Case Against Harebrained Schemes is Dismissed

If you're not familiar with what fans call "The Unseen Saga", we recommend clicking this link and reading about the ongoing battle since 1996 over the copyrights to a set of specific mech and vehicle designs that apparently no one could agree who owned the rights to and who could give permission to use.[caption id="attachment_837020"[...]

Robotech Finds A New Home With Titan Comics

The publisher signed a deal with property owner Harmony Gold The series, making its debut in 1985, featured a multi-generational storyline mixing war, romance and science fiction as pilots of transforming Veritech fighters were tasked with defending the Earth against alien attacks The series ran for 85 episodes.Titan is schedule to tell new stories in[...]

The Excitement Of Robotech At New York Comic Con

Producer of the Robotech TV series Kevin McKeever of Harmony Gold Production talked in a very fast pace of what is to come for the thirtieth celebration, and there was a lot exciting news for the Robotech franchise. The Kickstarted RPG with its mini-figures are at the moment going through production.There will also be a new[...]