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A New Hell Yeah For September
Hell Yeah starts a new storyline with issue 6… and this is a new image to tease it, out in September Apparently this uber-violent super-violent comic "truly changes everything about the book." Everything is new. What is it with this "New" thing anyway? There's a lot of it going around these days… Hell Yeah starts a[...]
Speculator Corner: Supurbia, Hell Yeah And The Manhattan Projects One Day Later
Reviews have been extremely positive all round, and demand seems to be building on this one – fueled by a very low print run. The second print is already on the way. Hell Yeah #1 had more copies available and is selling copies at $8.50 However the Hell Yeah ashcans, numbered 200 are sold at the Image Comics Expo for[...]
Speculator Corner – Adventure Time, Peter Panzerfaust, Thief Of Thieves, No Place Like Home, Fatale, Alpha Girl, Prophet, Road Rage, Dawn Of The Jedi, Crossed, Hell Yeah, The Manhattan Projects And Supurbia
It might be worth keeping an eye on this one when C-Day happens. Tomorrow, Image Comics publish Hell Yeah #1 and The Manhattan Projects #1 I'm calling it, if you buy those comics, and flip them in one or two weeks, you will make money. Fuck it, I think you might well score with Supurbia #1 from[...]
The Hell Yeah Ashcan For Image Expo Is A Blast From The Past
Do you remember the Image Comics ashcans from twenty years ago? I do, I still have my Maxx ashcans somewhere, issued before the release of the comic proper, half the size, showing off the then-upcoming art, numbered and signed by Sam Keith, black and white, with a garish coloured card cover. Well Joe Keatinge remembers them too,[...]