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Today we're talking High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks — and beware of some spoilers. The first volume in the three-volume series currently being published by Papercutz's Super Genius imprint collects the first three issues of the original High Moon At first a webcomic created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the series is based on[...]
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Super Genius, a somewhat arrogantly named imprint of Papercutz, is collecting the first three volumes of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis's Harvey Award winning comic High Moon as a Definitive Edition, just, as a press release explains, in time for Halloween Originally published by DC's short-lived Zuda imprint, the interior pages will be remastered and[...]
In The Light Of The High Moon, They Turn To Stone…
Shot at NYCC this past week, these are upcoming statues from Shadowbox Toys from David Gallaher and Steve Ellis' High Moon comic book – which indicate not only that the wereworlf western comic is getting a statue line, but also that we may be getting more of the comic book in 2016 as well…. [...]
4 Minutes Of Hannibal Creator Bryan Fuller's New SyFy Movie
The story is set in a future where the nations of Earth have established mining colonies on the moon and things go crazy after a new life form is discovered just beneath the surface. Here are the first 4 minutes of the movie from TVLine. High Moon premiers September 15th on SyFy. High Moon (2014) Syfy Teaser –[...]
Casting Roundup: Marc Maron, Adrien Brody, Guardians of the Galaxy And More
[Deadline] • Another pilot, Bryan Fuller's High Moon, which will air on Syfy, has cast two leads in Dana Davis and Peter Macon The show explores what happens when a new form of life is discovered on the moon [Deadline] • Adrien Brody probably still hasn't figured out how his career disappeared after winning an Oscar for[...]
SyFy Calls Bryan Fuller Out At High Moon
Deadline are reporting that they've decided to take the Bryan Fuller show, High Moon, to pilot and have also nicely provided an update on their current development slate. The SyFy channel get a lot of flak for some of their programing choices and he one I've heard most often is the lack of actual science fiction[...]
Hit-Monkey – The New Game From Marvel And High Moon Studios For 2013
High Moon Studios, it seems, are announcing a new Marvel game at San Diego Comic Con. It looks like it's Hit-Monkey based on the The website HitMonkeygame.com, featuring this image, and linked to the Marvel HeroHQ discussion forums, is registered by Marvel Characters. Richie Waite Marvel Characters, Inc. 1600 Rosecrans Ave Suite 350 Manhattan Beach CA 90266 The character was created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić and, after an initial[...]
Valerie D'Orazio And David Gallaher Talk Geek Love
More about abuse, threats, violence and internal injuries. Her boyfriend David Gallaher writes less about sex in High Moon for Zuda But, you know, it's there. And odds are, they probably have sex together Possibly while reading comics, possibly on top of comics, I don't know, I've never asked. And sadly neither did Penthouse Magazine, who just ran[...]