Hillman Periodicals Archives

Victory Comics #3 (Hillman Publications, 1941)
Compton would be editing two new titles for Hillman Periodicals (Victory Comics and Air Fighters Comics), they only got the details half right: "There are no super-men in these The emphasis is on story and character values."  While Air Fighters Comics, which introduced Airboy in its second issue, is certainly not a superhero comic book,[...]
Miracle Comics #1 (Hillman Publications, 1940)
The debut comic book effort from magazine and paperback publisher Hillman Periodicals, the Miracle Comics series ran for four issues from early 1940 to early 1941.  Hillman's comic book line and this title itself were developed under the auspices of Hillman editors Tony Field and Lionel White, with White soon becoming the publisher's Editor in[...]