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Watch the Comic-Con Trailer for Syfys Deadly Class and Earn 100 Punk Points

Watch the Comic-Con Trailer for Syfy's Deadly Class and Earn 100 Punk Points

If you don't watch this trailer, the only solution is to drown yourself in hobo piss Nobody wants that, so check it out below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHLxfAUT49A Syfy dropped the first trailer for Deadly Class at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday Produced by the Russo Brothers, Deadly Class adapts the Image comic of the same name by Rick Remender,[...]

Rick Remender: If Youre Not Reading Black Science Youre Being An A-Hole

Rick Remender: If You're Not Reading Black Science, You're Being An A-Hole

You're being an asshole, according to Remender, to some of the best art in the world.Remender called out art assholes on Twitter:https://twitter.com/Remender/status/921077684746141696And you don't want to be an asshole to great art, do you? That's the second-to-last thing anybody wants, with the last thing being drowning in hobo piss[...]

Rick Remender To Blame For Secret Empire Jokes Marvels Nick Spencer At #C2E2

Rick Remender To Blame For Secret Empire, Jokes Marvel's Nick Spencer At #C2E2

if you want to drown in hobo piss! Still, it could be better than a Twitter lecture from Spencer Hmmm...  Marvel is currently holding their Secret Empire panel at C2E2, and Bleeding Cool has Ace Reporter Adam Ebert on the scene You can read our liveblog coverage of the whole panel here From that liveblog, Adam[...]