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Boom to Make New Original Graphic Novels Returnable
You can follow the rest of Bleeding Cool's coverage of Diamond Retail Summit, far more than any other comics news site, right here. They are also increasing their returnability programme – quite the theme for the weekend it seemed – by adding two original graphic novels, Hotel Dare and Plate Tectonics to their Guarantee Retailer Rewards[...]
First Look at Claudia Aguirre and Terry Blas's Hotel Dare
Earlier we learned of Aguirre's new Oni Press comic with Magdalene Visaggio, Morning in America, and here's a first look at Aguirre and writer Terry Blas's Hotel Dare, also heading to stores in 2019, from explosive comic book publisher BOOM! Studios' similarly explosive all-ages imprint, KaBOOM! A press release provides the details: This world-hopping fantasy follows[...]