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Avenue 5 Not Renewed for Season 3, Probably Cancelled
The captain, played by Hugh Laurie, turns out to be an actor trying to hold everything and everyone together while increasingly inept rescue efforts from Earth keep failing Josh Gad plays the childish and narcissistic tech billionaire who owns the ship and is trapped along with everyone else. "Avenue 5" image: HBO The series was an allegory[...]
Roadkill: Hugh Laurie’s Star Power Carries David Hare’s Quaint Political Thriller
Roadkill is David Hare's latest work, a miniseries about a charismatic Tory politician played by Hugh Laurie who fights an escalating series of attacks on his professional and personal life MP Peter Lawrence has just successfully sued a newspaper for libel and is on top of the world However, forces are lining up against him[...]
Ralph Fiennes in "Beat the Devil" (Image: Bridge Theatre- screencap)
He caught it while in postproduction editing his upcoming BBC political thriller Roadkill, which stars Hugh Laurie. As the official synopsis for Beat the Devil reads: "Covid-19 seems to be a sort of dirty bomb, thrown into the body to cause havoc. On the same day that the UK government finally made the first of two decisive interventions[...]
Hugh Laurie Plays Corrupt Politician in Upcoming BBC Drama Roadkill
Sir David Hare, the writer of the BBC and PBS' upcoming political thriller Roadkill starring Hugh Laurie, has written a one-man stage play, "Beat the Devil", about catching COVID-19 and recovering from it Talk about "writing what you know." Hare is certainly writing from personal experience He said he caught it from Roadkill director Michael[...]
Hugh Laurie Plays Corrupt Politician in Upcoming BBC Drama Roadkill
Hugh Laurie (House, Avenue 5) plays a corrupt politician fighting for his life and freedom in a new BBC political thriller Roadkill The 4-part miniseries is written by David Hare, one of the UK's top political playwrights and screenwriters The Forge, which produced National Treasure, is the production company behind it PBS Masterpiece is also[...]
avenue 5
The show stars Hugh Laurie as the hapless captain of a luxury space cruiser that gets thrown off course Instead of a six-month jaunt through the galaxy, the Avenue 5 is now going to take years to return to Earth That means a whole bunch of rich idiots and hapless crew members are stuck with[...]
Hugh Laurie
Hulu may have pulled the plug on the Hugh Laurie-led series Chance, but the British actor — best known in the states as the brilliant and sarcastic Gregory House — won't be roaming far from the streaming service Laurie has signed on for a key role in the upcoming six-part limited series Catch-22 Laurie will[...]
It features Hugh Laurie (House M.D.) as Dr Eldon Chance, a forensic neuropsychiatrist who works in San Francisco He finds himself pulled into the life of one of his patients, Jaclyn Blackstone, and it's a world filled with police corruption and abuse While dealing with his own personal issues of divorce and secrets of his[...]
The Night Manager Producers Announce That They Have Nothing To Announce
A misleading report in the British trades this week put the project into questions, but the Ink Factory, who produces the series with BBC / AMC, had to come out and make an announcement that they have nothing to announce. "The Ink Factory, BBC and AMC are in the early stages of developing a potential second[...]
Hugh Laurie Takes A Chance With Hulu
Hugh Laurie is coming off of both The Night Manager and Veep and right into a psychological thriller called Chance Based on the novel by Kem Nunn, Laurie plays Dr Eldon Chance, a forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets pulled into a world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness The series also stars Gretchen Mol,[...]
John Le Carre Discusses The Fall Of Richard Roper
Not surprising they focus on Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) as he finally reveals what he really does to Jonathan Pine (Tom HIddleston) Le Carre uses Roper to illustrated the direct connections between warfare and corporate greed Also, the story is more about the fall of an empire than about the man who brought the empire[...]