One Last Boob Window For Power Girl

A boob French window that is, left wide open.In the new World's Finest comic, out today, Huntress and Power Girl adopt their new identities in the world of the New 52, as Power Girl gets her new costume And it's a choice that's made out of necessity it seems, given the state of Karen's state[...]

Power Girl Gets A More Rounded P

Little Bleeders have been telling me for a while that the images that we'd seen of Power Girl and Huntress for World's Finest, may not be the final versions and the designs were still being tweaked.Well, the latest image of Power Girl and The Huntress comes from George Perez, who has just finished this piece[...]

Huntress Writer Takes Action Against Alleged Domestic Abuse By Sheriff

Ivory Madison is a singer, writing network creator, comic fan and writer of DC's Huntress: Year One series from 2008.And also, it seems, principle in bringing down San Francisco’s new sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi.According to the San Francisco Chronicle,  Mirkarimi is facing police investigation for "domestic violence for an alleged incident involving his wife, Eliana Lopez,[...]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen DC Comics – Batwoman, Batman And Robin, Batgirl, Huntress, Penguin, Legion Lost, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Superboy, Suicide Squad, Resurrection Man, Mister Terrific, Grifter and Frankenstein

Although if you're a Wildtorm fan of old, be warned of the death of a fan-favourite character...Huntress #2 does have the ability to go from climbing walls with a grappling hook at night, to something straight out of Sex And The City I feel a TV pitch in the making here And MArcus To really[...]

Saturday Runaround – Giving Archie Respect

I’ll be reading an animation script, working on an animatic for one of our shows, or drawing covers for our books. Newsarama | Exclusive DC Preview: THE HUNTRESS #1 Page 1 Written by PAUL LEVITZ, Art by MARCUS TO and JOHN DELL ZombieWatch: The new Nathan Fox cover to Boom's Key Of Z by Chondra Echert, [...]

The Hunt For DC's October – Updateable List (UPDATED)

So how another Updateable List to bookmark?Number ones that have been confirmed.The Huntress #1 by Paul Levitz, Marcus To and John DellPenguin: Pain And Prejudice #1 by Gregg Hurwitz and Szymon KudranskiShade #1 (of 12) by James Robinson and Cully Hamner, with Darwyn Cooke, Javier Pulido, Jill Thompson, Frazer Irving, Gene Ha and Jill Thompson[...]

Did Paul Levitz Arrange Himself A Creator Credit For Huntress Use?

From The Brave And The Bold TV series, a Huntress credit for ex-President and Publisher of DC Comics, Paul Levitz.Printed creator credits for such characters are often a hard fought prize, usually involving lawyers rather than respect for creators Its the reason Bob Kane is always credited for Batman and Robin, where Bill Finger and[...]