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Im Sorry Canceled by truTV Andrea Savage Posts Video Response

I'm Sorry Canceled by truTV; Andrea Savage Posts Video Response

In what's looks like a decision based on a combination of the fallout from COVID-19 production shutdowns earlier this year and WarnerMedia's continued move to reduce its debt while restructuring, truTV's Andrea Savage-starring comedy I'm Sorry (one of BCTV's favorite sitcoms) has been canceled In what's starting to sound all too familiar (see Comedy Central's[...]

The Freak Brothers Present Their Fabulous Furry Extended Family

The Freak Brothers Present Their Fabulous, Furry Extended Family

Executive producers Adam Devine and Blake Anderson (Workaholics) are also set to lend their voices, as is I'm Sorry star Andrea Savage.[caption id="attachment_1219555" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Freak Brothers offer viewers a sneak preview of the cast.[/caption] In 1969, life in San Francisco consists of free love, communal living, and political protest Freewheelin’ Franklin Freek (Harrelson), Fat[...]

Im Sorry Getting TBS truTV 10-Episode Mothers Day Marathon

I'm Sorry Getting TBS, truTV 10-Episode Mother's Day Marathon

Running a hot close second is Andrea Savage's (Veep, Episodes, Sleeping with Other People) I'm Sorry, and now truTV and TBS are teaming up this Mother's Day to give you a chance to see for yourselves why it's the second-best sitcom going right now On Sunday, May 10, the two WarnerMedia networks are offering an[...]

Im Sorry: Why Andrea Savages truTV Sitcom is My Fleabag [OPINION]

"I'm Sorry": Why Andrea Savage's truTV Sitcom is My "Fleabag" [OPINION]

Easy to binge through an entire season where armpit boobs are in play, as are lice breakouts, comical affairs, and vaginas being referred to as “front tushies”.It's for those reasons - and so many more that I know will return for the show's third season - that truTV's I'm Sorry is my "Fleabag." Phoebe Waller-Bridge's[...]

Im Sorry: truTVs Andrea Savage-Starrer Had Me at Huge Vagina [BC TV MOMENT]

"I'm Sorry": truTV's Andrea Savage-Starrer Had Me at "Huge Vagina" [BC TV MOMENT]

other than the third season of I'm Sorry premieres on truTV in early 2020, so you have some time to catch up on the first two very binge-worthy seasons.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rZeoAeS0MY I’m Sorry follows seemingly confident, together comedy writer, wife and mom Andrea (Savage), who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations, along with[...]

truTV Orders More Sedaris Laff Tracks Carbonaro Adam New Animated Sports Series

truTV Orders More Sedaris, Laff Tracks, Carbonaro, Adam; New Animated, Sports Series

Not willing to be left out of May's "Upfronts-a-palooza," the fine folks at TruTV had some announcements of their own to make ahead of next week's WarnerMedia presentation. First up, 2020 will see the cable network's first animated series with This Functional Family as well as a sports-themed studio show from comics Clayton English and […]

TV Scorecard: Bleeding Cools Guide to January 2019 Premieres/Returns

TV Scorecard: Bleeding Cool's Guide to January 2019 Premieres/Returns

With 2018 ready to shuffle off this mortal coil in a little over a month, it's never too early to take a look ahead at what's coming up for the new year – and 2019 looks like it's going to make this year feel like Fischer-Price "My First TV Schedule." So while Bleeding Cool rewires […]

TruTV Orders Broken Lizard Series Ken Jeong Pilot Renews Hack My Life and More

TruTV Orders Broken Lizard Series, Ken Jeong Pilot; Renews 'Hack My Life' and More

With news of three new projects either ordered to series or in development, truTV announced a 2018-2019 programming slate that includes: a series pickup for Tacoma FD, from two members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe; a pilot greenlight for a new comedic medical advice show from actor Ken Jeong (The Hangover); and an animated project […]

Weeds Justin Kirk Returns to Showtime in Jim Carrey Series Kidding

Weeds' Justin Kirk Returns to Showtime in Jim Carrey Series 'Kidding'

[caption id="attachment_811397" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com[/caption]What do weed, a children's television show, and Showtime have in common? Actor Justin Kirk (Weeds), who is set to star opposite Jim Carrey (The Truman Show), Judy Greer (I'm Sorry), Catherine Keener (Get Out, Death to Smoochy) and Frank Langella (The Americans, Frost/Nixon) in the premium cabler's[...]

The Weekly Static s01e20.2 &#8211 2017 Most Valuable Player: TruTV

The Weekly Static s01e20.2 – 2017 Most Valuable Player: TruTV

TruTV shifted in focus six years later, with the network retooling its brand to focus on scripted and reality-based comedy series and specials.With shows like At Home with Amy Sedaris, Hack My Life, I'm Sorry, Talk Show The Game Show and The Chris Gethard Show, TruTV has positioned itself to be more than just "The[...]