I'm Sorry Getting TBS, truTV 10-Episode Mother's Day Marathon

Even though we know we've gone on about our love of FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and how there's no better sitcom on television currently, we have to admit that we haven't quite been telling the whole truth. Running a hot close second is Andrea Savage's (Veep, Episodes, Sleeping with Other People) I'm Sorry, and now truTV and TBS are teaming up this Mother's Day to give you a chance to see for yourselves why it's the second-best sitcom going right now. On Sunday, May 10, the two WarnerMedia networks are offering an invitation to an I'm Sorry Mother's Day Brunch. Starting at 10:00 am and ending at 3:00 pm, TBS will host the first five episodes of the first season while truTV takes the baton and heads towards the finish line with the season's final five episodes.

Andrea Savage stars in I'm Sorry, courtesy of truTV.
Andrea Savage stars in I'm Sorry, courtesy of truTV.

Here's a look at the TBS portion of the marathon, running from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM ET/PT:

Created by and starring Andrea Savage (Veep, Episodes, Sleeping with Other People), I'm Sorry follows seemingly confident comedy writer, wife and mom Andrea (played by Savage), who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations. This season, Andrea lands herself in new cringeworthy scenarios as she questions her theoretical market value as a prostitute, learns the downsides to having a child that can read, and discovers that comedy bits can sometimes go too far. Through it all, she is joined by her husband Mike (Tom Everett Scott), their inquisitive daughter Amelia (Olive Petrucci), and her divorced parents (Kathy Baker and Martin Mull), as well as a close circle of friends.

10:00 AM ET/PT – "Pilot": Andrea discovers a titillating secret about another mom at her daughter's school, and everyone wonders why she's calling her doctor's office on a Saturday.

10:30 AM ET/PT – "Racist Daughter": Andrea sets up a play date for Amelia and is horrified to learn that her daughter might be racist. Later, Andrea contracts a painful medical condition.

11:00 AM ET/PT – "Ass Cubes": Andrea's friend Kyle is getting weirder with age, so she sets him up with Amelia's preschool teacher. Plus, Andrea's father starts hitting on her married mother.

11:30 AM ET/PT – "Goddess Party": When Andrea's recently divorced friend asks her to throw a Goddess Party, Andrea does her best to figure out exactly what that is. Plus, a mom at school hires an attractive nanny, and Andrea tries to convince her it's a terrible idea.

12:00 PM ET/PT – "Acts of Service": Andrea and Mike get self-help books and therapy to make sure their relationship is still on track, and Andrea tries to juggle being a mom and a comedy writer.

Here's a look at the truTV portion of the marathon, running from 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM ET/PT:

12:30 PM ET/PT – "Too Slow": When Amelia begins to have questions about different types of families, Andrea looks to expose her to new role models. And suspecting that her brother is about to come out of the closet, Andrea tries to prepare her mother, Sharon, for the big news but is surprised by her reaction.

1:00 PM ET/PT – "Divorce Fantasy": Andrea pushes her divorced friend Jennifer back into dating so she can live vicariously through her, but ends up regretting their night out. And planning a birthday party for her father proves harder than Andrea thought.

1:30 PM ET/PT – "Butt Bumpers": Andrea and Mike meet a new family they hope to befriend, but things become awkward during a playdate. Plus, Andrea questions the feminist messages she's been sending to her daughter and struggles to pull back.

2:00 PM ET/PT – "Weekend Alone": With Mike away on business and Amelia at Andrea's mother's place, Andrea finds herself home alone for the first time in years and laments that she doesn't get to hang out as much with her old group of friends.

2:30 PM ET/PT – "Off the Charts": Worried about getting older, Andrea and Mike check in on their fertility. Plus, Andrea confronts her father about his increasingly odd behavior.

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