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This time, it's news that Eddie Ramos (L.A.'s Finest, Incorporated) will be joining the cast for the upcoming season in a recurring role – with the series set to return to the cabler on Tuesday, May 28. SYFY Ramos' is a familiar face on the series: in season 3 finale "The Hyenas," Ramos' Tupi is Mia's (Sohvi[...]
Syfy Gives The Axe To 'Incorporated' After One Season
In one of those "comes as a shock to no one" moments, Syfy has announced that they will not be picking up Incorporated for a second season The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck produced sci-fi series had completed it's first season airing last month but hadn't been able to improve it's average episode viewing numbers[...]
Incorporated – America Is A Third World Country In 2074
Almost three weeks ago, Syfy released a featurette for their new series Incorporated, it was called 2074 is Crazy Part 1 This morning they've released the second part and it goes into the heart of the new series If you're following the series, then you know that one of the big surprises is that America[...]
The Incorporated World Of 2074 Is Crazy
Syfy has released this behind the scenes look at the new series Incorporated and gives us an idea of what the world is like in 2074. Corporations run everything, there is a violent area for the poor called the red zone… but there's still bacon so the world can't be that bad. Incorporated stars Sean Teale, Allison[...]
Syfy's New Series 'Incorporated' Revisits Well-Travelled Paths
Julia Ormond as Elizabeth Krauss — (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy) While Syfy's latest series, Incorporated, isn't a reboot of any previous properties, but with the number of tropes it draws from it feels like it might as well be Take a healthy dose of 1997's Gattica, and a mix of walled-garden films and TV series (you know the[...]
Watch Syfy's Incorporated Pilot Right Now
Syfy is debuting their new series Incorporated tomorrow night The new series from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is the story about a man (Sean Teale) trying to thwart a giant corporation to find his lost love, all in 2074 when corporations rule everything  You can watch the first episode tomorrow night… or[...]
Syfy Stars Share Their Weird School Traditions
Syfy put a featurette together asking stars of their shows like Van Helsing, Incorporated, The Expanse and Wynonna Earp if they had an interesting school traditions growing up I'm not exactly sure if this connects to any of the shows, but the actors came up with some pretty odd and funny traditions to share[...]
And You Think Your Job Is Hell… Extended Trailer For Incorporated
Syfy has released a new extended trailer for their upcoming series Incorporated The show is from executive producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd and is set in a future where companies have seemingly unlimited power, Incorporated centers around Ben Larson (Sean Teale), a young executive who risks everything to infiltrate the all-controlling corporate world[...]
CGC Addresses Concerns Over Purchase Of Classics Incorporated
A week or so ago, CGC announced they had bought Classics Incorporated and were moving them in house Some collectors expressed concerns, without response Then on Thanksgiving, Bleeding Cool ran an article on the purchase echoing a few of those concerns And suddenly, by the end of that day, a response was issued; Thank you all[...]
A Glimpse At Batman Incorporated #6
This is the solicitation to Batman Incorporated #6, in the upcoming Previews and also the same as it was originally solicited a few months ago. • Return to the future world seen in BATMAN #666, where Damian has taken over the mantle of the Bat! • The whole world has gone mad The only sane people left[...]
Batman Inc #3 Hits $30 On eBay
While most comic stores held copies of Batman Inc #3 yesterday, following DC Comics' instructions, many shops did not. Some chose to ignore the request,
A Very Weird Looking Batman Inc #8 (SPOILERS)
It takes the grandson of Jim Gordon to become a new Batman, with a sentient computer and a robot butler to take down the Joker threat. Take that and cross it with the Wii game No More Heroes. And you get Batman Incorporated #8 I mean, seriously, take a look. It's clumsy, it's brash, it's all over the[...]