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International Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Hits

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters in less than two weeks, and the world is waiting with baited breath.  Tonight the 'international' trailer for the Chinese markets (where the film actually doesn't open until January 5th, 2018) hit: What differences can you spot? That new Canto Bight stuff tho! Star Wars: The Last Jedi flies into US theaters […]

'Blade Runner 2049' TV Spot Emphasizes Action, Leto's Niander Wallace

With less than two months before the sequel to Blade Runner is set to premiere, Sony Picture U.K. released a new international TV trailer for Blade Runner 2049 that combines never-before seen footage with extended cuts of previously-released footage that gives fans a stronger understanding of the movie's narrative. Two biggest takeaways from this  that […]

New Footage In This International Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

It's all about the images, sound effects and music, so sit back and check out some more of Rupert Sanders' trickery. Well, unless you understand Spanish as this is a trailer cut for Mexico, with different scenes to the US and UK release. In that case, it's also a bit about the dialogue. But still […]

Second Shorter Trailer For This Means War

The Singapore office of 20th Century Fox have released an "international" trailer for McG's This Means War. It runs considerably shorter than the US cut, and has a slightly different emphasis. I still can't understand how we're supposed to sympathise with or root for Reese Witherspoon's character at all. If the script is really up […]

First Trailer For Hot Action Thriller Sleepless Night

Frederic Jardin's high-concept action thriller Sleepless Night played at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of weeks back to enthusiastic response. Since then, the director has netted himself a US agent and, as you'd expect, the film has been keyed up for an English language remake. But before then, you can see the original, French […]

Let's Have Another X-Men: First Class Trailer

Time for more X-Men: First Class. What sets this new trailer apart from the others? Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw using his rather striking mutant power. [youtube][/youtube] Still looking good.

UK Trailer For Bridesmaids Keeps Me Convinced

Premiered today, here's the new, UK-edit of the trailer for Paul Feig's Bridesmaids, with Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and a good fistful of other funny women. For this new trailer, expect more of the same, but that's okay when "the same" is "the funny", plus a new look at Jon Hamm being appropriately unlikeable. Yeah, […]

Russian Trailer For X-Men: First Class Brings Some Nice New Footage – UPDATED: Translated

While Thor speaks French, the X-Men speak Russian. Look close enough at this new, international trailer for X-Men: First Class and you'll see: Bleeding Cool doesn't lie to you. Well, not about things like this anyway. [youtube][/youtube] Great to see Bill Milner there, as the youngest Erik Lensherr. A nicely lit trailer too, well cut, […]

Two New Trailers For Cars 2, Bond-Style Theme Tune Revealed

Both US and UK edits of the new trailer for Pixar's Cars 2 were released overnight. I saw the UK cut on the big screen before Winnie the Pooh on Sunday (I'm under embargo, sorry) and it looked as dazzling and polished as you'd expect. There appears to be a Bond-style opening sequence with spy […]

More Gulliver's Travels Footage In New International Trailer – UPDATE

UPDATE: The Danish version of the trailer is in English, so here it is. ORIGINAL STORY: Here's a new trailer with plenty of new footage from Gulliver's Travels but, just so you know, I have to tell you that it's been dubbed into Spanish. If yon't don't speak the language, just look at the pictures […]