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Interior preview page from IRON CAT #3 PERE PEREZ COVER
Tony worries Felicia may have a demon in a bottle in this preview of Iron Cat #3 Project much, Tony? Check out the preview below. Iron Cat #3 by Jed MacKay & Pere Perez, cover by Pere Perez IRON CAT vs IRON CAT?! Tony Stark and Felicia Hardy aren't going to let the mysterious wearer of the Iron[...]
PrintWatch: Iron Cat, Spider-Man, Sengi, Tembo & Alex Toth
PrintWatch: Iron Cat #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #4 are getting second prints from Marvel Comics, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 and The Flash #783 from DC Comics, Sengi & Tembo #1 from Scout Comics and Alex Toth's Artist Edition from IDW. PrintWatch: "Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, featuring the fusion between the[...]
Cover image for IRON CAT #1 PERE PEREZ COVER
For once, Black Cat is innocent of stealing the Iron Cat armor… but she'll have to deal with it anyway in this preview of Iron Cat #1 Check out the preview below. Iron Cat #1 by Jed MacKay & Pere Perez, cover by Pere Perez The Iron Cat armor made its first appearance in BLACK CAT #11 but[...]
Marvel Comics Confirms New Iron Cat Series, With Felicia Hardy
A week or so ago, Bleeding Cool noted that Marvel Comics had trademarked the term "Iron Cat" and wondered if this was the return of Felicia Hardy in the suit designed for her by Iron Man Or if it was a wedding suit for Patsy Walker, Hellcat Turns out it was the former, as Marvel[...]
Could Patsy Walker, Hellcat, Become The New Iron Cat?
Patsy Walker time! Previously, Bleeding Cool noted that Marvel Comics has trademarked the phrase "Iron Cat" for "Printed comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork; printed posters Providing online entertainment, namely, non-downloadable comic books and graphic novels" which suggested to us a return for Black Cat to her Iron[...]
Logo for Marvel’s 616 (Image: Disney+)
But for Marvel? Sounds like a way to sell Spider-Man comic books. Marvel is also trademarking "Iron Cat" which suggests a return for Black Cat to her Iron Man costume is in the offing, as well as "Midnight Sons" – a previous name for the supernatural superheroic line at Marvel Comics, such as Ghost Rider, Blade[...]
Black Cat’s Brand New Costume... Iron Cat
Which explains the Iron Cat teaser from a few days ago And you will get to see it on the cover of Black Cat #12 for May as drawn by Skan, revealed well ahead of FOC… BLACK CAT #12 SKAN VAR (W) Jed MacKay (A) Carlos Villa (CA) Skan • Well, she did it this time[...]
Looks Like Marvel Has A New Jigsaw Puzzle For Us All - Iron Cat?
Anyway, under the title IRON CAT, which suggests Tony Stark has gone a little too far, we have this image. Expect more of these over the next few days as we go collectively mad and scream 'just show us the damn Iron Cat already' Could it be the revived Kate Pryde? She's not having much luck in[...]