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New York Comic Con 2022 Needed A Lot More Super-Heroes
There are far more Avengers, more Justice Leaguers, more X-Men characters alone than bisexuals in the whole of the respective publisher's character base." John Stossel talks to Eric July of the Isom comic book we'd previously featured, saying, "They became bisexual "out of nowhere!" complains comic creator Eric July to me "They make it seem as if[...]
Eric D July Gets 30,000 Orders Worth $2.5 Million For 'Non-Woke' Comic
Which doesn't seem anything that most people would be opposed to, especially superhero comics, which would seem to be all about fighting injustice but, I guess, welcome to the internet. The comic book Isom #1, is to be written by July, drawn by Cliff Richards, coloured by Gabe Eltaeb and lettered by Eric Weathers and is[...]