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It's a Small World With These Mary Blair Concept Paintings!

It's a Small World With These Mary Blair Concept Paintings

It's a Small World is one of the most iconic rides in Disneyland Walt Disney himself was particularly excited about this boat ride, which takes guests around the world as dolls sing to you With the catchy Sherman Brothers song playing on repeat throughout the whole ride, this pleasant trip around the world usually puts[...]

small world mall

'It's a Small World' Mall in Disneyland to Undergo Upgrades

'Tis the season for Disney to start closing rides for refurbishments, and it looks like Small World is next! The ride will close January 22nd-February 2nd (in order to take down the Holiday theme), and from there the famous attraction will get a facelift on its promenade, including moving the line, a new stroller entrance, […]

Disney Planning It's A Small World Movie With Jon Turteltaub Directing

Of all the rides at Disneyland that the company's movie studio arm would try to make into a movie (hopefully to the tune of Pirates of the Caribbean box office dollars), I never thought It's a Small World would be on the list, but now it definitely is.Deadline reports Jon Turteltaub will be taking directing[...]