"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" Review: A Middling Ending to an Imperfect Franchise [SPOILER FREE]

'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' Available Early Digitally Now

You can find it on Vudu, Apple TV and iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango Now, and Movies Anywhere That means every Star Wars film is now available digitally The disc release of the film is still slated for March 31st That same day will see the release of the entire Star Wars Saga on 4k[...]

Apple is Apparently Working on a Streaming Gaming Service

Here's a snippet from the article talking about their plans to unveil a new service sometime this year, which sounds like it would work a lot like iTunes but with some changes to the mix.Apple is also working on a premium games subscription for its App Store and discussing it with potential partners, according to[...]

Apple Pulls Strategy Game Afghanistan '11 Due to Taliban Feature

Apple has just added another game to their list of banned titles after they deemed the strategy game app Afghanistan '11 inappropriate for featuring the Taliban. The game is set up much like a lot of war-reenactment titles are, where there are two sides to every conflict. This one, being set in Afghanistan a decade after 9/11, […]

Pokémon: Let's Go Soundtracks Are Now on iTunes

If you've been digging the complete soundtrack to both of the Pokémon: Let’s Go games, then you're in luck, as both are now on iTunes Game Freak released the entire 122 track collection as a combined package this week for you to download for the cheat price of $10 At a run time of two hours[...]

Valve Has Submitted An Updated Steam Link App to Apple

The next chapter in the Valve/Apple drama over an app continues as it has been revealed that Valve sent the company a new version of their Steam Link app this past week for approval. We also may have a pretty clear idea as to why the app was rejected in the first place. After having […]

Apple Has Rejected the Steam Link App for iOS

For those of you who would like to get a chance to use the Steam Link app on your iPhone, that will not come to be. Valve released an official statement today, which we have for you below, letting fans and users know that Apple rejected their app for use on iOS. On Monday, May […]

Ready Player One 'The Stacks: Songs From The OASIS' Album Hits iTunes

Calling all Gunters and 6'ers- ok maybe not the latter because DOWN WITH IOI-  climb aboard the Ready Player One hype train.  Today, Brash Tracks released a collection of covers of notable songs mentioned in the novel "Ready Player One", and a new original songs as well. Brash Tracks' Brian McKinney has said 50% of all proceeds from […]

You Can Buy The 'Super Mario Odyssey' Theme On iTunes

If you've been enjoying the theme song to Super Mario Odyssey, you're in luck! Nintendo has made the main theme song for the game, called "Jump up, Super Star' available for purchase on iTunes Aside from the fact that the track isn't the regular price of $0.99 and is instead $1.29, it seems a bit strange[...]

Disney's 'Movies Anywhere' Digital Service Adds Four Major Studios

While Movies Anywhere is owned by Disney, representatives from each of the participating studios will make up an advisory committee that will work directly with the studio.  Paramount and Lionsgate have yet to join, though Lionsgate is expected to transition in over the next few months.Here's how Movies Anywhere works and what you'll need to know:● [...]

Alan Moore's Show Pieces Comes To Hulu, iTunes And Amazon In May

© 2012 John Angerson.Filming of Jimmy's End - Northampton The film Show Pieces is getting a screening at the Barbican on the 8th of May followed by a question and answer session with writer Alan Moore and director Mitch Jenkins.Already available as a box set, the film will also be available digitally to iTunes, Hula and Amazon in May as well.This is Moore’s first work[...]

The Man Who Drew The Apple iTunes Agreement

When I was at MoCCA in New York in the spring I came across cartoonist Robert Sikoryak who was undertaking the massive project of telling the Apple iTunes terms & conditions in comic book form, one page a day, into volumes A and B.That project has now been completed.Talking to CBC in Canada, he told[...]

Sex Criminals #11 Was Already Banned On iOS – But Grindhouse #7 Is Not

But apparently issues #5-#8 are fine.Intriguingly, I was able (and did) buy a copy digitally on iTunes the night before, around 9pm ET Tuesday Apple were happy to sell me it in that way - and the day before comic stores would have it in stock.And the comic can still be read digitally if you[...]

Knights Of Reignsborough: A Superhero Audio Drama Done Through RolePlaying…

It’s totally free, and actually available on iTunes to download (keyword: Ideology of Madness) and at the links below.We’d really like to release a setting book for Reignsborough, so that our listeners can play their own adventures in the setting we’ve built Not only that, we’ve got a ton of ideas in the coming year[...]

Officially Official: 9 Doctor Who Lost Episodes Recovered, Now On iTunes (UPDATE)

The BBC has re-mastered the tapes, and is making two stories, “The Enemy of the World” and “The Web of Fear,” now available exclusively on iTunes ( Doctor Who episodes were discovered (nine of which have not been seen for 46 years) by Philip Morris, director of Television International Enterprises Archive, by tracking records of tape shipments made[...]

DC Doubles Digital Download Dollar Discount Delay

DC Comics have had a policy with their digital comics. Wait four weeks and you can buy them for less on ComiXology or the DC App. A $2.99 comic drops to $1.99 and a $3.99 comic drops to $2.99. Simples. But not since May apparently. Some people notice that last week didn't bring a discount […]

Get A Free Download Of Winter In Portlandia On iTunes

Cacao.It aired in the US last Friday night, cacao, and for those of you with American iTunes accounts, the whole thing is available as a free download, cacao, right now.Cacao. Mrs Connelly took to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's Portlandia like an Oregon Duck to the Willamette River, and so she's looking forward to seeing their[...]

Is There An Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming Less Than Two Weeks From Now?

Until now, however, I wasn't imagining we're on the verge getting an extended cut of the film.But perhaps we are.The film will be released first via download, and if you look at the pre-order pages on iTunes in the US, you can find some preview pictures for their version, showing off the menu screens[...]

Get Six Free Episodes Of Blackadder From iTunes

It's all a big promotion for Johnny English Reborn, and it will likely encourage a lot of new Blackadder fans to purchase the other three series and the superb Blackadder's Christmas Carol special,* but it seems wonderfully generous that between now and October 21st, iTunes users can have the entirety of Blackadder II for free[...]