The Man Who Drew The Apple iTunes Agreement


When I was at MoCCA in New York in the spring I came across cartoonist Robert Sikoryak who was undertaking the massive project of telling the Apple iTunes terms & conditions in comic book form, one page a day, into volumes A and B.

That project has now been completed.

Talking to CBC in Canada, he told them that "it's famously a joke that it's very long. It's also famously a joke that no one ever reads it. I thought it was time to put it into a form that maybe people would like to read."

However the project hit a small snag this summer, increasing by 30%.

"To my horror, in June, they not only updated the terms and conditions but they actually added a part C. Luckily, I didn't have much text to edit from the earlier draft."


He also channels other cartoonists such as Kate Beaton (above). You can hear the whole interview here and find his blog here.


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