Epic Games Files An Injunction On Apple To Have Fortnite Relisted

The war rages on between Epic Games and Apple as Epic has filed a preliminary injunction to have Fortnite restored to iTunes. The company already filed a lawsuit against Apple after they were removed from the platform after Epic decided to take their sales off the app version and make them available through their website. All of which stems from the high percentages that both Apple and Google take from developers through purchases on their systems. Yesterday, Epic filed a preliminary injunction against Apple, requesting the app be restored as it shows the company retaliated against them for a decision they made for their product. Here's a snippet from the injunction.

Fortnite's mobile numbers have suffered since being pulled. Credit: ouh_desire / shutterstock.com
Fortnite's mobile numbers have suffered since being pulled. Credit: ouh_desire / shutterstock.com

Apple retaliated with ferocity. Not only did it remove Fortnite from the App Store, which Epic anticipated, but it also declared it would terminate every one of Epic's Apple Developer Program accounts and cut off Epic's access even to software tools that are widely available to the public. This was a clear warning to any other developer that would dare challenge Apple's monopolies: follow our rules or we will cut you off from a billion iOS consumers—challenge us and we will destroy your business.

In short, accused of antitrust violations for misusing its power to create and maintain two monopolies, Apple used that same power to try to coerce Epic to abide by its unlawful restrictions. The Court should not allow Apple to enforce these restrictions. "The authorities from the earliest time to the present unanimously hold that no court will lend its assistance in any way towards carrying out the terms of an illegal contract."

Epic has good cause to demand it as the past few weeks have shown there has been a 60% drop in iOS users in the game. So Apple's reaction had a profound effect on their business. It'll be up to a judge to decide whether or not Apple must restore the app. However, also keep in mind the app is currently not on the Google Play store, as Google is going through the same legal battles with Epic as Apple is. If Epic gets a win over Apple, Goole may be forced to follow suit shortly after.

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