Would You Pay To Read Digital Comics By The Hour?
We mentioned the launch of iVerse Media's new update for their ComicsPLUS app earlier today, with a host of new features designed it seems, to take on ComiXology at it's core. Incorporating pirated files alongside paid for files, creating your own not-Guided View experiences, and more, another feature is that of being able to digitally "rent" graphic[...]
Thrillbent Gets Its Own App For All Your Pirated Comics, Too
Yesterday Bleeding Cool talked about the new iVerse Comics + App launching in November that will let you download new comics but also import your own comics files – wherever you may have acquired them And talked about how this was a strong method from turning pirates into paying customers. Well, yesterday, unbeknownst to most, the[...]
iVerse To Take On ComiXology With App That Reads Pirated Comics Too
At New York Comic Con, I saw a rather interesting idea. Iverse are the company behind the Comics Plus app, which a few years ago was the big rival to ComiXology Then ComiXology snapped up a bunch of exclusive comic book companies, the likes of DC and Marvel got into bed with ComiXology and the point[...]
It's 2014. Who Do You Want To Distribute Your Digital Comics?
And some publishers are, frankly, worried that Amazon is quite so willing to flex its muscles. The purchase of ComiXology by Amazon has led to some big market ructions, with many readers regretting the removal of the In App Purchase option that encouraged browising and impulse buys on iOS and Android devices. Well, when ComiXology signed publishers[...]
The Morning After The Night Before – Marvel Visits ComiXology's Offices
I understand that Michaelk Murphy of iVerse, who used to be big in comics digital distribution until ComiXology stole a march on them, has been developing a new ComicsPlus App designed to neatly sidestep this patent and provide a digital comics experience that relies on new technology. Could this be the revival of iVerse? Could they[...]
A Comics Rival To Kickstarter? iVerse Launches Comics Accelerator
but they've been beaten to it by iVerse Media with Comics Accelerator Pre registration is now open and the system will open in August. The difference is that more of the monies raised will go to the creation – and the creators – of the comic book, while also offering the company's digital distribution and marketing[...]
Michael Murphey Explains Everything About Diamond Digital
Michael Murphey, CEO of iVerse Media has been answering questions on what exactly is happening with the new Diamond Digital service that iVerse has formed with Diamond Comics Distribution Here are a few examples. Steve Horton asked Michael a number of questions about how the service would work Murphy replied; The code will[...]