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GLAAD 2023 Comics Award Nominations Name More Than Just The Writer
Norton & Company) Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, by Jadzia Axelrod, Jess Taylor (DC Comics) Heartstopper Volume 4, by Alice Oseman (Graphix) Magical Boy, by The Kao (Graphix) Marvel's Voices: Pride #1 (Marvel Comics) [anthology] Young Men in Love (A Wave Blue World) [anthology] DC Comics has six titles nominated, Marvel Comics has four and Image Comics has two[...]
More DC Comics Big Books
DC Comics is publishing an original character graphic novel, Galaxy: The Prettiest Star by Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor, about "an alien princess-in-exile whose home planet is under attack as she is kept safe as a teenaged boy on Earth, with a normal life and a female love interest Her life goes into turmoil when[...]