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james gunn takes aim at President

James Gunn Says Hollywood Sexual Predators Connected To Mueller Russia Charges

In another coincidental connection, Russian trolls recently revealed that they watched House of Cards as a means of familiarizing themselves with American politics in order to influence the election by trolling comment sections.Gunn has spoken previously about the sexual predator situation, claiming to have known about James Toback's alleged behavior for years and speaking out[...]

james gunn takes aim at President

James Gunn Says He's Been Warning People About James Toback For 20 Years

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Twitter today to direct people to Facebook, where he'd penned an essay titled "Why I've Despised James Toback For Over 20 Years." Toback has been accused of sexual harassment by more than three dozen women.https://twitter.com/JamesGunn/status/922179645319139328In the essay, Gunn writes: "When I lived in New York, in the 'nineties,[...]

Poster And Trailer For Seduced And Abandoned

Seduced and Abandoned, a new documentary on modern filmmaking by James Toback and Alec Baldwin, will play in UK cinemas from the 8th of November but will premiere on HBO tomorrow It's a strange pattern that we've seen before, with Behind the Candelabra for instance.Above is the UK poster for the film and below is[...]