Jason Inman

Dan DiDio On Putting Together The Kamandi Challenge

DC All-Access host Jason Inman interviewed DC's Co-publisher Dan Didio about the Kamandi Challenge, how creators were chosen and how teams were picked Yes.. it actually involved pulling names from a hat.https://youtu.be/c1hcjcSQvkc One of the most beloved and often clamored for Jack Kirby creations is Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth[...]

Jason Inman, The Face Of DC All Access, Has A New Comic Of His Own Now…

Jason Inman writes, “I have this idea for a comic book, but all I have is a name - Jupiter Jet.” That is how my wife, Ashley Victoria Robinson, unwittingly set into motion the events that have brought us here today - launching a Kickstarter campaign for issues #2 - 5 of our very first comic book[...]

Captain Boomerang Was A Toy Company Mascot

Jason Inman is back with two more Squadroductions for the Suicide Squad movie You'd think these would've made more sense BEFORE the film hit theaters, but they're doing them now before the Blu-ray release This time he's taking a look a El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) And in the "you learn[...]

The Ultimate Killing Machine – BvS 101: Doomsday

In the final BvS 101 to go with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason Inman takes a look at Doomsday Originally created back in 1992 to kill the Man of Steel, the backstory of the character didn't come until much later But his backstory makes him a bit more sympathetic and what was called[...]