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Shining Vale: Courteney Cox Starz Series Official Trailer & Key Art
The Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan creation will have its story continue on. Source: Starz "Shining Vale is both wickedly funny and a beautiful three-dimensional portrayal of marriage, adolescent parenting, and motherhood," said Kathryn Busby, President, Original Programming, Starz Busby also added, "We're thrilled to bring viewers another season of this mic-dropping blend of horror and comedy." With a season[...]
Shining Vale Co-Creator Jeff Astrof On Series & Genre [Interview]
Shining Vale co-creator, showrunner, and writer Jeff Astrof spoke with Bleeding Cool about the horror-comedy STARZ series, the lines between genres, hopes for certain characters, and what he loved most about the season finale Just in case there's no confusion, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign for what's to come… Source: STARZ/ YouTubeBleeding Cool: Oh my[...]
Shining Vale Season 1 Finale Preview: The Phelps' Rough Morning
Trying to convince Terry about the situation and what could be happening is proving to be more than difficult in the finale preview. Writing for the finale of Shining Vale season one includes Jeff Astrof and is directed by Liz Friedlander In a recent panel discussing the series, Astrof explained wanting to squeeze some comedy out of the horror genre and how[...]
Shining Vale's Merrin Dungey & Co-Creator Jeff Astrof [Interview]
Shining Vale, the upcoming Starz horror-comedy series, brings in both a unique co-creator, Jeff Astrof, to the scene and a character navigating the trials of friendship & business with Merrin Dungey who plays Kam I got to ask a few questions from these two fascinating individuals about the upcoming series and getting into character. (l-r) Merrin[...]