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Big Little Lies Postscript: Season 2 Did Wrong By Some Favs [OPINION-SPOILERS]

"Big Little Lies" Postscript: Season 2 Did Wrong By Some Favs [OPINION-SPOILERS]

I steadily gushed about all the brilliant performances and Meryl Streep's awesomeness throughout HBO's Big Little Lies Season 2. However, as I look back on the season, I feel some storylines and characters were done a disservice in the finale. I feared the second season would not be able to surpass the excellence presented in […]

Big Little Lies Season 2: So Whats Left for The Monterey Five [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Big Little Lies" Season 2: So What's Left for "The Monterey Five"? [SPOILER REVIEW]

Unfortunately, all of the ladies aren’t so lucky in love. Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) keeps digging a deeper ditch for himself with each new disclosure As if these bankruptcy hearings aren’t humiliating enough, Renata (Laura Dern) learns about her husband’s cliched affair with their au pair in open court Are you effing kidding me, Gordon?!? What Renata[...]

Big Little Lies Season 2: HBO Returns to Monterey on June 9 [TEASER]

'Big Little Lies' Season 2: HBO Returns to Monterey on June 9 [TEASER]

Mercedes"; 11-time Emmy® winner for "Picket Fences," "LA Law," "The Practice," "Ally McBeal" and "Big Little Lies"). [caption id="attachment_1018527" align="aligncenter" width="700"] HBO[/caption]The second season of HBO's Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon as Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Nicole Kidman as Celeste Wright, Shailene Woodley as Jane, Laura Dern as Renata Klein, Zoë Kravitz as Bonnie Carlson, Meryl[...]