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Retailers Respond To Image's Decision To Drop Second Prints
Yesterday Bleeding Cool ran a letter from Image's Jennifer De Guzman addressed to retailers on Image's plans to stop publishing second printings on popular books that sell out, as a way to encourage retailers to order more of such titles initially Saga #7 and #8 were specific titles and De Guzman pointed out a number[...]
As Issue Seven Sells Out, Image Decides To Stop Reprinting Comics Like Saga
FOC stands for Final Order Cutoff, the last date retailers can order quantities of a comic from specific publishers and be sure of receiving copies (unless they are printed overseas, apparently.) In a letter to retailers, Image PR & Marketing Director Jennifer de Guzman wrote; I have some bad news: SAGA #7 is sold out[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Jennifer de Guzman Vs Dirk Manning
But people should embrace what they really are without lowering themselves to false-advertizement, you know? Jennifer De Guzman, PR & Marketing Director at Image Comics responded with her own meme Endorsing calling a woman whore is grounds for unfriending Goodbye. Dirk replied; I addressed this in an earlier comment in this very thread, but, again, for the record, I'm not[...]