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WWE Teases The Ultimate Deletion Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania

WWE Teases "The Ultimate Deletion" Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania?

In addition, the company has recently hired Jeremy Borash, whose production was essential to the Impact Wrestling videos, and Hardy has teased bringing in characters from Broken Universe to WWE Jeff Hardy is also rumored to be ready to return from injury.There's no telling what The Ultimate Deletion will turn out to be, but if[...]

To Crush Impact and Make Matt Hardy Great Again WWE Hires Jeremy Borash

To Crush Impact and Make Matt Hardy Great Again, WWE Hires Jeremy Borash

Jeremy Borash, who helped launch TNA in 2002 and was the second employee hired by the company, has been integral to the company In addition to his on-air role as an announcer, Borash was also heavily involved in creative and production, including with the Broken Matt Hardy angle.Fans who have seen Hardy's Woken Matt Hardy[...]